Your Privacy: Your Rights

We value your privacy and we process your data in line with existing Spanish legislation and European Directives regarding the processing of data, including the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) (Regulation (EU) 2016/679).

Data collection and consent

When you submit an enquiry to us via our website or social media accounts, or when you send us information electronically, you are providing specific consent for us to receive that data.

You don’t have to give us consent. If you prefer not to consent to passing data to us by these electronic methods, please refer to our contact us page for alternative methods of communication.

Who you are submitting your information to

When you submit your information to us, this information is received on the electronic devices (laptops, computers, and mobile phones) belonging to SPICE HUT INDIAN RESTAURANT or partners that work with us to provide the services that we offer.

What happens to your data?

Irrespective of the device used, all information is stored securely and we take every possible real-world care of your data.

We never sell your data for any reason, or in any way pass your data on to another person, company or organisation, unless that is specifically necessary to provide the goods or services you are asking for.

For instance, we might need to provide your personal information to other members of our team so that your takeaway order can be prepared or your table booking can be reserved for a later time.

We do not produce any marketing material of any kind and we use your data only to provide the goods or services you might be interested in, or wish us to provide on your behalf.

How long do we keep your data?

We keep your data only for as long as is reasonably necessary to provide you with the goods or services you ask us to provide or enquire about.

If you book a table with us, we keep your data for as long as the diary or notebook remains in use. This might be up to one calendar year, or until we deem replacement of the appointments and bookings ledger to be necessary.

We respect your rights to your data

You have the right to remove consent for us to use your data at any time.

Simply get in touch with us via any method detailed on our contact us page and we will immediately delete your data and any information we hold about you.

Please note that we will remove your data from our electronic systems and devices, but we cannot destroy written information until we replace our diary or the appointments and bookings ledger.